Our Privacy Policy

In short, we haven't, don't and won't share anything with anyone.  (Unless they have a gun at the time, and we don't.  At which point, we reserve the right to rethink our policy in that instance.  ;-)

In long, we really promise not to share any information about you, our customer, with anyone else - in public or private - without your express written permission.  The only exception being that we're presented with a legal and proper subpoena (got to follow the law, of course). 

Privacy is very important to us, and it should be important to you, too.  You should only share personal information with those you trust, and as a service provider we appreciate the level of trust extended to us concerning the minimal information we collect from you, in order that we may perform the services you have requested of us.

Doesn't get much simpler, eh?

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